Build Your Business Online - HTTPS what is an SSL

Do you know what an SSL is? Have you ever noticed the green https symbol in a website link? See the image below this website shows a green bar where the link is. This certificate is an expensive one which comes with higher levels of protection and shows the company name. Many sites that we use

Google Logo - Google My Business reviews

Why bother with getting reviews? Reviews are one of the more important aspects of your online presence. We are all influenced in one way or another by what other people say. I am sure that most of you know that when someone refers your business it generally turns into a new customer. Well reviews online

Cyber security

This year we were all to take part in the national Census but there was a glitch. The ABS website got hacked. We are now in the age of Cyber Wars. It is cheaper and quicker to disrupt governments and businesses using a laptop. So if a government agency can be hacked how safe is

Places for Business – Google

  Do you know what Google My Business is? YES – If you answered yes is your business listed? And have you claimed your business listing? If you have answered no to one of the above questions I recommend you read on…. NO  – If no then definitely read on…. Google Places for Business is a

Facebook icon

Your website is an important asset to your business. It should be earning you money and working hard 24/7 for you. So you have a website with great content but it does not seem to be getting much local traffic to it. Why you ask? From my experience many people in the Port Stephens region

BYBO - Internet security

This is probably the most important thing a business can do. More and more businesses are now using web based tools to run their business. Tools such as XERO which is an online accounting system. Other tools like Dropbox is a online file storage tool. These are collectively called cloud computing tools and you are

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Claim your Facebook Username

Does your Facebook Page have a branded web link? I am seeing lots of our local business with great Facebook pages that still have not claimed their Facebook Username. What is a Facebook Username? It is a branded web link for your Facebook Page. Ok let me walk you through it. Question does your Facebook

BYBO Facebook page image

Facebook marketing resources for all skill levels Are you new to Facebook? Have you just taken the plunge and created your business page? Or are you an old hand at using your Facebook page to build your business? There is one thing I can say about using the Internet to build your business there is

Cloud computing illustration - redesigned by BYBO

We all love Free things. All of us in small business can save time and money by using some free file sharing tools. Do you sometimes or often need to share files that are larger than 3MB? These days most of us need to at some point. If you need to share large files with