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User Friendly Website Design

The Retreat Port Stephens new WordPress website was launched a few months ago but required a complete overhaul to make it user friendly.

People wanting to book accommodation have a high expectation that all the information they need to be on the website they browse. When they are deciding where to stay, how much it will cost and what services are provided will be on the accommodation website they are visiting.

Old the version of the website had this information but it was  mostly accessible by images or pdf documents that they had to download.

We put in the hours to put all the great content The Retreat had about their accommodation on to their pages. We improved the navigation options, layout and design of pages, placed buttons everywhere for people to download brochures and much more.

We also carried out advance search engine optimisation on all of the most important pages. This now ensures that The Retreat will be found for their most important keywords and for keywords to attract new audiences.

More is planned to improve this site and BYBO will now be working with The Retreat team to develop an integrated online and offline marketing strategy. This will include email newsletters, their Facebook page and their website.

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Yes because it was explained in simple terms and was easy to contact Claire. Friendly, professional and easy to work with. 

Michelle Carter, The Retreat Port Stephens