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About BYBO SEO Services

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Please contact us to to arrange a scoping meeting so that we can provide you with a customised quote..

We will explore what keywords to use, what regions you want to rank highest in, and who your key target audiences are. The more we know the more accurate report we can provide.

There are many factors to SEO and we much prefer to provide a tailored service that will actually meet your needs to build your business.


No guarantees (the not-so-small print)

The BYBO Team believes SEO is an essential component of any great website that will truly build your business. We will work very hard to get the highest possible rankings, however, we have chosen to not make any guarantees.

It is virtually impossible for any SEO company to guarantee that a business will receive the highest possible ranking.

This is because of they way search engines catalogue and trawl websites. Search engine technology is constantly changing to provide improved search services.

While we do our very best to stay on top of what search engines expect and look for in websites it is almost impossible to guarantee any level of ranking.

SEO is something that needs to be carried out on a regular basis. It is not something you do once and then leave: our tailored proposals will reflect this.



What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the work that someone does on your website to improve and promote it with the aim of increasing visitors to your website via search engines.

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The most popular search engines are GoogleYahoo and Bing. Millions of people use these sites every day and we want to help ensure that your customers find YOU!

You could be missing out on attracting customers!

If a search engine has not been told about your website and listed it in their databases all those potential customers will miss out on doing business with you.

One of the real tricks is to know what words (keywords) your potential customers are using to search for your particular products or services.

To optimise your website for search engines there are a range of things we do from ensuring the most appropriate keywords appear on the right pages, to improving the design so that it is search engine friendly.

A website that has all the right elements in all the the right places is search engine friendly and improves your ranking.

A good way to think about it is these are computer engines and as such follow commands we give them.

There is nothing magic about them and it all comes down to some hard work on our part to make sure they get the right commands so that when your potential customers go onto their computer and type in that ‘magic’ keyword you are there to be found.

A great website that has a lot of wonderful information and a beginners guide to SEO is the site. The BYBO team does not use their SEO software but we wholeheartedly agree with their principles and they have done an amazing job of explaining SEO.

Why should I consider using an SEO expert?

If you had the time and the inclination you could do it yourself. However, it is VERY time consuming and takes a lot of work. Contracting an expert can save you a lot of headache and can certainly improve your rankings.

An SEO expert needs to understand the following to be good at SEO:

  • search engine technology and requirements
  • customer demographics and their preferences – for example, years ago the term ‘environmental services’ was a very popular keyword but today ‘eco search’ is more popular. It is all about understanding social trends in the digital space
  • website design and content

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to explore whether you require SEO work done on your website.