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Now that you have a fabulous new website, how do you look after it?

Your website can bring in new business for you every day, so it’s important to look after this vital asset.

Maintaining your website is essential to keep customers coming back.

Website maintenance needs to be conducted on a regular, at least monthly, basis.

This keeps your website looking professional. It reduces the risk of someone visiting your website and finding something broken, or an important option not working and if they do they may not return.

To take the hassle out of maintaining your website, we can provide basic maintenance for you as part of our bybo website maintenance plan.

We provide a website maintenance services plan that includes the tasks outlined in the checklist below, which are conducted on a monthly basis:

  • Check that all links work and fix any broken links – unfortunately it’s not unusual for links to break down in the normal course of their life, which is why they need to be checked regularly
  • Check all email accounts linked to website – we monitor how much your email accounts are using of your hosting service. If they are using too much bandwidth this can slow your site down. If this is the case, we will notify you in a monthly report, and the action we recommend you take.
  • Verify that your internal search tool works – this ensures that when visitors use the search option on your website it is working properly and that everything on your site can be found.
  • Monitor for any failed logins and errors – depending on why these are occurring we will either fix the issue or notify you in the monthly report (or sooner, if urgent) what action we recommend.
  • Update all the software associated with your site
  • Test that all the forms, eCommerce (if applicable) and automated processes like email responses are working
  • Regularly change administration passwords